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​Our Authors

Nadia Ruchka was born April 16, 1981 in Nikopol in Ukraine in a family of metallurgists. From age five to seventeen she studied ballet, but because of an injury was forced to stop and move on in a different direction.  Since 1998 she has lived in Moscow where she studied at The Moscow Institute of International Economic Relations, specializing in International Economy. In 2000 she began her performance career with a female singing group, “Party”. In 2004 she became a member of the popular women's group, “Blestyashie” – "Brilliant," and is still performing with this group.  Nadia appeared in the movie “Burdock Episode One” and performed in the Russian “Dancing with the Stars.” Presently she has turned to the study of spiritual practices and self-knowledge, writing her first book, an analogy of her inner most feelings about her life and struggles throughout her career. 
​Linda was born in Southern California. She later moved to Minnesota, then relocated with her husband to their final destination in Sequim, Washington. She has two grown twin sons, one grandson of her own, and shares two grandchildren with her husband. Linda's main objective in writing is to inspire, motivate, and help create a positive attitude in her readers, while providing an enjoyable reading experience for children and their families.

Lawrence Erickson is a native of Kansas City, Missouri. He is a graduate of Central Missouri State College and served in the US Army. After spending over 40 years in the construction and nuclear power industries he retired to the Pacific Northwest. He has lived and worked in Germany, Scotland, England, Australia, Sweden, France, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Chicago and Boston. A Bullet For Your Thoughts is his first novel and the first in the Nate Harver, Private Investigator, series. Lawrence and his wife Kate currently live in (and love) Portland, Oregon.

D.J. Reed worked as a nurse for forty-five years before retiring. After that, finding life was a little two tame, she turned to writing cozy mysteries "Killer Image, Killer Genes and Killer Rocks originally published by Cozy Cat Press. She has now written a new series starting with "The Great Emerald Heist," "The Woman with the Sapphire Brooch," and the latest, "The Perfect Pink Diamond." Symilla York, a firey redhead Art History graduate turned PI, creates a little havoc as she jumps into each mystery feet first.